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Lance White


About Me

Lance White is a highly experienced professional in the real estate industry with a strong track record of success. His background growing up on a ranch in west Texas has provided him with a deep understanding of land and its intricacies. This makes him particularly skilled in various aspects of land-related real estate transactions, from planning subdivisions to marketing and selling large ranches.

With a degree in Finance, Lance has honed his ability to specialize in investment property sales and asset valuation. He is adept at identifying undervalued deals for clients looking to buy and securing the highest possible value for those looking to sell. Lance's competitive spirit, stemming from his background as a former collegiate baseball player, serves him well in the competitive world of real estate.

Outside of his professional life, Lance enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife Mattison and daughter Mae. He is also an avid outdoorsman, with interests in bowhunting, waterfowl hunting, and exploring the countryside in Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas.

One notable aspect of Lance's life is his strong commitment to his faith. He sees all of life's blessings as flowing through Christ and aims to bring Christ into the world through the real estate services provided by Invest Texas Real Estate. Lance's mission is to incorporate his Christian values into his work and serve his clients with integrity and dedication.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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